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Rare and Beautiful 1895 Butterfly and Moth Book on CDROM

CDROM of all 273 pages and all 30 fabulous color plates of "British and European Butterflies and Moths (Macrolepidoptera)" by A. W. KAPPEL and W. Egmont Kirby
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CDROM of British and European Butterflies and Moths (Macrolepidoptera). By A. W. KAPPEL and W. Egmont Kirby, published 1895 in London, New York by E. P. Dutton & Co; the Letterpress, Coloured Plates, and Binding done by E. Nister, Nurmberg, Bavaria. First Edition, 273 pages with 30 fine color plates and illustrations in text. The Thirty Coloured Plates by H. Deuchert and S. Slocombe each have 10 or more very attractive and detailed illustrations, and the colors and details on these chromoliths are among the best ever - absolutely exceptional colors that reproduce very well on the computer with the CDROM.

CDROM Includes pdf of an original 1895 first edition of this rare book with all 273 pages, all 30 beautiful color plates and numerous illustrations. There are 256 species illustrated on the plates, 177 of them being moths. The book is Freeman#2056, British Museum of Natural History #950. This book presently sells for over $250. CD-R is both Mac and Windows compatible. Includes convenient and complete thumbnail index of all pages, and ability to magnify and examine fine details. Unique gift!! FREE SHIPPING TO USA and CANADA. We ship internationally (worldwide) at actual shipping cost. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

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European Butterflies and Moths CDROM
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A must-have for anyone interested in Butterflies and Moths. Anyone interested in Butterfles or entomology or computer graphics or art and design will enjoy this CDROM.

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British Butterflies Image British Butterflies Image British Butterflies Image
British Butterflies Image British Butterflies Image British Butterflies Image

Butterflies and Moths are flying Insects that comprise the order Lepidoptera. Butterflies have coiled, sucking mouthparts; two pairs of wings that function as one; and antennae with knobs at the tips. Most feed on nectar from flowers and are active by day. The butterfly larva (caterpillar) is transformed into a pupa (chrysalis) with a hardened outer integument within which it changes into the adult . Adults of most species live only about a month. Butterfies are among the most delightful of creatures with their myriad bright colors and forms. This CDROM of the classic book has many fabulous color pictures and will be treasured by yourself or anyone you give it to as a gift. Buy now and enjoy. Quality images of all pages, including outstanding images of all color plates are included.

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