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Grammar of Ornament
     1910 Owen Jones
Encyclopedia of Colour Decoration
Ornament in Applied Art
     1924 Bossert
Indian Blankets
     1892 G.W. James


British, European Butterflies
     1895 Kappel
Familiar Butterflies
     1901 Kirby
The Butterfly Book
     1902 W.J. Holland
The Moth Book
     1903 W.J. Holland



The Motor Book
     1893 Mecredy
Light Motor Cars
     1902 John Knight
Gas Automobiles Handbook
     1904 Bartlett
MotorCar Handbook
     1905 Lougheed


A Christmas Carol
     1894 Charles Dickens
Alice in Wonderland
     1922 Lewis Carroll
     1926 Lewis Spence
Wizard of Oz 1st Edition
     1900 Frank Baum


SF's Great Disaster
     1906 Tyler
San Francisco's Earthquake
Sinking of The Titanic
     1912 J.H. Mowbray
Truth About The Titanic
     1913 Gracie


The Doll Book
     1908 Laura B. Starr
Dolls and Puppets
     1932 Max von Boehn


The Celtic Dragon Myth
     1911 Campbell
Dragon Lizards of Komodo
     1927 Burden
Dragons and Dragon Lore


Treatise on Falconry
     1841 J.C. Belany
Management of Hawks
     1898 J.E. Harting


Fishing American Waters
     1869 Genio Scott
Favorite Orvis Flies
     1892 Orvis
Natural Trout Fly
     1912 Leonard West
Angling in British Art
     1923 Walter Sparrow


Mirrour of Majestie
     1618 Sir Goodyere
Elements of Heraldry
     1777 M.A. Porny
Introduction to Heraldry
     1780 Hugh Clark
History of Heraldry
     1830 Thomas Robson
Book of Family Crests
     1856 Washbourne
English Heraldry
     1867 Charles Boutell
Dictionary of Heraldry
     1889 C.N. Elvin
The English Regalia
     1897 Cyril Davenport
The American Pilgim
     1907 Martin Huish
Irish Heraldry
     1930 Murphy McCarthy
Historic Heraldry
     1939 A.R. Wagner

King Arthur & Robin Hood

Book of Romance
     1902 A. Lang
Bold Robin Hood
     1912 Louis J. Rhead
Le Morte D'Arthur
    1927 J.M. Dent


Blackstone's Commentaries
     1765 Sir William Blackstone

Medicine & Pharmacology

The English Physician
     1663 N. Culpepper
The Merck Manual
     1899 Merck

Military Medals

The Medal Collector
     1921 S.C. Johnson
Orders, Decorations, and Insignia
     1921 Wylie


Motor Cyclist's Handbook
     1902 Chas S. Lake
MotorCycles and How to Manage Them
     1903 A.J. Wilson


Frances Scott Key, Author of the Star Spangled Banner
     1911 F.S. Key-Smith
Report on the Star Spangled Banner
     1914 Oscar Sonek

Pets / Dogs / Cats

The Book of the Dog
     1858 Vero Shaw
The Book of the Cat
     1903 F. Simpson

Political & Cartoons

Bush v. Gore - Florida Recount
     Election 2000/ Florida
Thomas Nast
     1903 Bio of Famed Cartoonist

Oriental Rugs

The Oriental Rug
     1903 Ellwanger
Oriental Carpets
     1910 Humphries
Oriental Rugs In Home
     1913 Nahigian
Old Persian Carpets
     1913 Hopf

Scottish Clan Tartans

Costumes of Scottish Clans
     1845 McIan
Clans of Scottish Highlands
     1903 Adam


     1824 Waring, 1859 Horace Ford
Ascent Denali (McKinley)
     1914 Stuck
Baseball Fundamentals
     1935 Wardlaw Spink
Football, American Football
     1891 Camp
Football Facts and Figures
     1894 Camp
Football Am. Intercollegiate
     1911 Davis
Football, Touchdown
     1927 A.A. Stagg
Ice Hockey Guide
     1916 Am. Sports
Soccer, How to Play
Soccer, Spalding's Official Guide
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